Commercial Diving Services

Dive & Marine Contractors are leading specialists in the commercial diving industry. Our work covers the whole of Ireland and the UK.  

Our dive teams have extensive experience in a broad range of diving operations. Our divers are highly skilled and motivated and  we are ready to deploy at short notice.

We operate an extensive range of diving equipment and underwater tools - from a decompression chamber to lightweight air-freight dive systems - which can be readily made available for the most challenging of projects. This equipment is maintained to the highest standard via a Planned Maintenance System. 

We conduct Dive Operations from a number of our customised dive vans or trailers, Scuba replacement sets on our RHIB’s or work boat or from our containerised dive spread on our work barge.

Alternatively, our dive trailers and containerised dive spread can be easily mobilised to site on any suitable vessel, vehicle or by truck.

All diving equipment in use during the course of any project is properly maintained and serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and in compliance with our maintenance system to comply with all statutory construction and diving at work regulations.

All diving equipment supplied will be accompanied by a current maintenance record.

Dive & Marine Contractors provide an extensive range of commercial diving services including:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Surveys and Inspections

  • Archaeological Services

  • Salvage and Recovery

  • Plant Hire

  • Environmental Service

Civil Engineering

Dive & Marine Contractors are highly experienced in the Civil Engineering sector with the capability to carry out a diverse range of marine construction activities.  Operating both as the main contractor as well as a subcontractor, Dive & Marine Contractors have built up a comprehensive portfolio of civil engineering projects. 

We can provide qualified engineering staff for both design stage and construction stage.

Civil Engineering services include:
  • Designing and installation of shuttering for concrete repairs
  • Pile repairs – specialist in Fabric Formwork repairs
  • Dam beam installation
  • Cathodic protection system installation
  • Mooring chain replacement 
  • Underwater welding and burning
  • Sluice gate installation
  • Scour protection – concrete mattress installation
  • Quay wall repairs
  • Pipeline installation and decommissioning
  • Outfalls and Intakes installation and decommissioning
  • Fender removal / installation
  • Dredging Works
  • Ultra high pressure jet washing and hydro demolition

Repairs & Maintenance

Dive & Marine Contractors specialise in finding a quick and efficient solution to our client’s problems.  Our repair and maintenance division is noted for fast response times, operating on call 24 hours a day.

Even in challenging situations Dive & Marine Contractors carry out repair and maintenance works in a safe efficient and cost effective manner.

Repair and Maintenance work includes:
  • Lock gates
  • Water intake screens
  • Sluice gate maintenance
  • Marina maintenance
  • Welding and burning of various structures
  • Treatment plant pipe work 
  • Ship hull cleaning and repairs 
  • Swimming pools
  • Marine growth cleaning 
  • Culverts
  • Anodes
  • Piers
  • Jetties

Surveys & Inspections

Dive & Marine Contractors have a highly skilled and experienced in-house team of engineers who deliver accurate surveys both above and below water level.

We use the most up to date inspection techniques available ions in the vicinity of both freshwater and the marine environment.

Survey and Inspection work includes:
  • Non – destructive testing inspections 
  • Dynamic probing 
  • Shell and auger core sampling
  • Ground investigation
  • Bridge structural, scour and undermining inspections
  • Marina surveys
  • Pier inspections
  • Periodic structural inspections determined by the client’s needs
  • Ship hull inspections
  • Live CCTV footage of the job
  • High quality video and stills photography
  • Detailed post survey reports
  • ROV's underwater surveys and inspections on all types of marine structures
  • Ultrasonic Thickness & Cathodic Protection meter readings
  • archaeology surveys

Archaeological Services

Dive & Marine Contractors carry out underwater archaeological services in both the freshwater and marine environments.  We combine in-house expertise with selected partners to provide the best solution for our client’s needs.

Archaeological Services include:
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Underwater video and photography
  • Post survey reports
  • Dive support

Salvage & Recovery

Dive & Marine Contractors provide a comprehensive salvage and recovery service that is cost effective and results in minimal impact on the marine environment. We stock a large range of salvage and recovery equipment to cater for both large and small scale projects. Our team of experienced engineers and divers are available to respond to urgent call outs and can mobilise specialist equipment on short notice.

We are accustomed to managing fast moving and developing situations while providing top quality service and safety management.

Salvage and Recovery services include:
  • Wreck inspection, damage assessment and removal
  • Dismantling and removal
  • Search and recovery 
  • Towing service
  • Custom designed containment curtain, fabrication and installation
  • Wreck, debris and seabed clearance
  • Underwater construction
  • Topside and underwater welding
  • Topside and underwater cutting
  • Underwater rigging
  • Propeller removal and installation

Plant Hire Services

Whether for diving operations or for independent hire, Dive & Marine Contractors have a wide range of plant and machinery available.
All our plant and machinery operators are experienced and hold all relevant Solas/CSCS certificates. In addition, all our boat and barge operations are undertaken by qualified and experienced coxswains.  

All our plant has up to date maintenance records. Further, all plant and equipment is continually maintained throughout every project.

Plant Hire Services include:
  • Waterking pontoon barge with hydraulically operated spud legs
  • Twin jet 540hp propelled boat for use as a work boat or for barge manoeuvring operations
  • Various RHIB’s for diving, survey work or safety boat hire
  • 8-ton crawler crane 
  • Welding and cutting plant – above and underwater
  • Hydraulic power packs with various hydraulic tools
  • Compressors with various pneumatic tools  
  • Godiva High Volume Fire Pump
  • Hydraulic Trash Pumps
  • Decompression chamber

Dive and Marine are actively involved in invasive species control both above and below water. Our sister company Envirico can tackle any invasive infestation in both land or aquatic habitats, for example zebra mussels, aquatic weeds and Japanese knotweed. 


For more information or to discuss your requirements please click on or contact Dr. Amanda Greer on

Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Site Survey and Mapping
  • Drafting Site-specific Management Plans
  • Production of Tendering Documents
  • Site Supervision
  • Post-treatment Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Site Excavation and Management
  • Implementation of Control Measures
  • Ecological Impact Statements
  • Biodiversity surveys

Although we work on any type of structure in and around water, most of our experience is with the following: 

  • Docks, ports and harbours
  • Marinas and leisure facilities
  • Rivers, canals and waterways
  • Bridges, piers and jetties
  • Dams, reservoirs, tanks and intakes
  • Navigational marks, buoys and beacons
  • Shore protection and bank stabilisation
  • Outfalls and intakes
  • Power stations
  • Culverts and tunnels
  • Industrial plants
  • New construction in concrete, stone, steel or timber
  • Repairs in concrete, stone, steel or timber
  • Fender installation
  • Pontoon supply and installation
  • Outfall and intake construction, inspection and repairs
  • Slipway, step and walkway construction
  • Structural inspections and surveys
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Small scale dredging works
  • Shore protection and bank stabilisation
  • Scour protection